Tech-enabled learning solutions to augment safety training.
Tech-enabled learning solutions to augment safety training.

How It Works


Register your details and click on the link to download the App to your Phone


Open the App. For the VR Apps place your phone into the Cardboard VR and follow the instructions


Congratulations! Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate after which you will refresh in 6-months.


FST has two key solution offerings.


FST has several direct-to-user learning applications. These FST-lite apps are standalone certificate courses which have been mapped to several international workplace safety and health training competencies. These solutions complement in-class training provided by training institutions BUT does not replace it.

For a short period of time FST is offering free licenses to the App.                    Register your details by scanning this QR code below or Click Here.         

After signing-up you will receive an email with your login details.

Confined Space Gamified

Work at Height VR Training

More apps under development…


FST-Premium are learning solutions that meet enterprise needs. These apps are virtual reality solutions deployed through Oculus Quest by Facebook. Using this solution, training assessment by assessors can be conducted in real-time and remotely. 

Confined Space

Hazard Management

Work at Height VR Training

More apps under development…


FST Upcoming Events - June 2021

Find out more about the Confined Space Safety App with our Live Dialogue Session on Zoom. We are delighted to invite you to our events in June organised by our FST team. Get in touch to find out more.

AR/VR Digital Transformation in Singapore Construction Sites 2021

More companies explore practical application of training to solidify workers knowledge with the Apply Workplace Safety and Health (AWSH)....


Future Safe Technology (FST) is an edutech startup spun out from Australia’s Murdoch University.


It was established by three co-founders led by Prof. Peter Waring who identified the commercialisation opportunity from R&D undertaken at Murdoch Singapore aligned with the Singapore Government’s policy efforts  calling for the development of stronger digital capabilities, acquisition of “deep skills” and for firms to reap benefits from digitalization. Today, FST enables individuals and organizations transition away from the default mindset of safety training by providing an  immersive learning experience. The suite of simulated and VR app solutions, which are mapped to the training curriculum, is just one way of addressing incumbent deficiencies.


FST aims to become a tech-enabled learning partner of choice. 

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