Customized technological solutions to augment safety training and implement blended safety training.

Training that keeps you safe shouldn't bore you to death.

Safety training is not just about getting a certificate or being 'certified'. It's about providing a risk-free but invaluable experience of mitigating dangers and hazards. FutureSafe Tech provides the technology for safety training that engages multiple senses and emotional connections when training in order to create stronger memories and learning retention. With FutureSafe Tech, no one will be bored to death during safety training anymore.

Are you a Safety Training Company 

that wants to differentiate your safety training programs from your competitors?

Are you a Safety Training Manager

of your company who wants a sustainable safety training system that ensures your workers are safe and competent?

Are you still ...

Using PowerPoint to teach

Using papers to test

Using pictures to demonstrate

Finding it hard to deliver a lesson that is memorable

Having difficulties tracking and monitoring performance

can help you

The Future of Safety Training

At FUTURESAFE TECH, we believe that

the future of Competency Training is

Electronic, Modular &

Remotely Certifiable

How FUTURESAFE TECH can help you

Our Safety Training technologies are closely aligned with the Singapore Government’s ‘Future Economy’ strategy which calls for both the development of strong digital capabilities and the acquisition of ‘deep skills’. 


More importantly, FUTURESAFE TECH technological learning solutions answer the call to


  • Strengthen the WSH/OSH Competency

  • Build Collective WSH/OSH Ownership

A system to sustain behavioral change

Data & Analytics for decision makers to allocate training resources effectively

For system & training accountability


Find out how FUTURESAFE TECH can help you

Let us demonstrate 

Learning Technologies to you

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learning technology 


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