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FutureSafe Tech believes that everyone deserves to go home safely every day. We believe that this can be achieved by ensuring that our workforce is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to work safely. But to achieve this, we must relook at the way we conduct our safety training.

Knowledge retention is one measure of success for safety training, and we understand that this can be a real problem due to shorter attention spans and memories in the digital age. Long safety courses can be hard to fully absorb, and it can be even harder to keep the overwhelming information in the front of our mind. FutureSafe Tech believes in knowledge retention through innovative, memorable, time and cost-effective training that promotes sustainable changes in safety culture and habits.

At FutureSafe Tech, we believe that safety training should be in the front of your mind and in the palm of your hand. We fully empathize that sitting through hours of PowerPoint slides can be a grind, which is why we use learning technologies such as Virtual Reality and gamified learning simulations to complement safety training to better engage learners with a fuller sensory experience. We believe that safety is rooted in mindsets and attitudes, and that experiential learning is one of the best tools for changes in workplace behaviours.


FutureSafe Tech is a learning technology company that provides you with customized technological solutions and consultancy to companies conducting safety training and orientation. FutureSafe Tech can help you augment your safety training with the latest learning technologies, and to help you implement blended safety training.

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