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FST Licenses VR for WAH Training to NTUC Learning Hub

Singapore, June 2018 – FutureSafe Tech, which prides itself as a forward-thinking learning technology company, has demonstrated that its realistic simulations yield more effective learning and training outcomes.

FutureSafe Tech recently licensed its “WAH Confidence Builder”, a virtual reality app that simulates working-at-height experiences, to NTUC Learning Hub, which will be the first of the many collaborative technologies that FutureSafe Tech will develop in partnership with Singapore’s leading training service provider for Continuing Education and Training (CET).

Pictures of NTUC Learning Hub, the largest Continuing Education Centre in Singapore, adopting FutureSafe Tech VR app into its safety training.

Supported by Murdoch University (Australia), and its Singapore based research center, SCRIPT, (and Fund Singapore (a leading equity and lending-based crowdfunding platform), FutureSafe Tech is primed to lead the way in introducing innovations into adult training and learning, starting with safety training.

Pictures of signing of the licensing agreement between FutureSafe Tech and NTUC Learning Hub.

The Dean of Murdoch in Singapore, Professor Peter Waring commented that:

‘FutureSafe Tech is a great example of the innovation that is possible when Australians and Singaporeans come together. Murdoch University is extremely proud of FutureSafe and the learning technologies it is pioneering will have far reaching positive impacts on industry’.

As a forward-thinking company that is dedicated to improving all aspects of training, especially safety, FutureSafe Tech is seeking like-minded partners who are as passionate about training the workforce, creating safe work environments and innovating training and learning systems.

FutureSafe Tech’s immersive and interactive learning systems:

  • augment classroom training with technology that fortifies learning experiences

  • are more engaging and leave stronger impressions, which yield longer retention

  • simulates high-risk training scenarios via realistic virtual simulations

Companies that use FutureSafe Tech’s systems:

  • enjoy low training cost overheads

  • can customize multiple scenarios

  • enable their workers to train in these customised scenarios

Images captured from FutureSafe Tech’s Confined Space Training Simulator, a role-playing simulator that covers the salient points of confined space safety.

FutureSafe Tech will continue to introduce innovative learning technologies, such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities into training curriculums and simulations, which will enhance learning and training experiences for various industries and disciplines.


FutureSafe Tech is a learning technology company that provides you with customized technological solutions and consultancy to companies conducting safety training and orientation. FutureSafe Tech can help you augment your safety training with the latest learning technologies, and to help you implement blended safety training.

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