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Microlearning: A Big Idea in Safety Training

In an age where most information can be looked up in the palm of your hand, the need to retain knowledge and information is reduced. Smartphones and other smart devices have led to shorter attention spans, and therefore a shorter window of remembering.

In safety training, forgetting a detail in safety procedures could lead to disastrous results for both companies and employees. Microlearning helps to solve some of these issues by creating a more focused and specialized training that saves on both time and money.

In-depth safety workshops may take a day or two to cover the course material. However, companies may not need their employees to learn everything from scratch when what they really need is just to refresh themselves on a certain safety procedure for an immediate task.

Microlearning methods such as training videos and applications on tablets or smartphones can significantly save companies on cost and time, reducing hours of training to minutes. Using hand-held devices as training tools also means that training is much more readily available, with trainees only needing to open an application instead of travelling out of the office for training.

While not replacing safety workshops wholesale, Microlearning can serve as a refresher or even a troubleshooting manual to employees. Different companies may have different safety procedures and compliances, and any employee tasked with something they have not done in a while can easily look the topic up for revision on a device. This is much quicker than the hassle of looking for a printed manual that no one has touched in years for reference.

For example, an employee who is going into a confined space can look up safety training videos on his phone instead of scouring a book for text with no practical examples. This results in increased productivity for organizations without needing to bear the full cost of a workshop.

Overall, sustained use of Microlearning seeks to keep safety fresh in the forefront of everyone’s minds, and brings business benefits such as encouraging sustained changes to workplace culture and habits. This in turn leads to increased morale in the workplace as well as statistically significant results such as reduced safety incidents.


FutureSafe Tech is a learning technology company that provides you with customized technological solutions and consultancy to companies conducting safety training and orientation. FutureSafe Tech can help you augment your safety training with the latest learning technologies, and to help you implement blended safety training.

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