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Gamification: The New Frontier in Safety Training

The term ‘gamification’ has been around since 2010 and refers to using the appeal and immersive mechanics of video games to engage users in non-game activities. Since 2016, 45% of Global 1000 organizations are using gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations. In short, gamification is an effective strategy to make learning more fun for employees by turning it into a game.

In today’s gaming-centered culture, this simple strategy is being put use into more ways than ever before. For example, health insurance companies have been known to institute game-like rewards to incentivise its members to live healthier lifestyles. This is done by allowing members to earn points when they go for annual check-ups, or walk a certain number of steps per day/ month, and they will compete their points with friends and family members.

In the fields of manufacturing and construction, motivating employees to change their less than safe behaviours to more safety oriented behaviours can be a difficult task. However, it will be easier to improve safety if the employees personally believe in its importance. This is where gamification comes into play.

There are a variety of gamification techniques – each technique is a permutation of the 7 key elements of gamification, namely the point system, badges of achievements, levels of challenges, goals, relative leaderboards, continuous challenges, and opportunities for cooperation and competition.

Here are some examples of strategies where the elements of gamification are used to enhance safety training. The end results of which include boosting the importance of safety and increased employee safety awareness, which all lead to reduced accidents and incidents at the workplace.

Point System

By offering employees points for reviewing standards each day or for delivering new ideas for improving safety, this gamification strategy awards employees with points when they behave in the desired way. Points incentives can be a great way to encourage employees to participate in safety evaluations too.

Gain Sharing

There may already be an incentive in place that rewards the full team for reaching a certain number of days without an accident, but to gamify, consider having them compete against their past performances, or earn badges for milestones along the way.

Goal Tracking

Whatever the safety goals are, gamification can help the team reach them. Just like salespersons have sales targets, “safety targets” can be reached and rewarded within the game.

Employee-Issued Rewards

This gamification tactic encourages safety and camaraderie by allowing other employees to pay it forward. If you catch an employee following a safety protocol, give them a special token, or a hint towards unlocking a mystery. They can then award their co-workers with the same incentive when they see them correctly following safety rules.


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