For companies conducting safety training and orientation, FutureSafe Tech provides you with customized technological solutions and consultancy to help you augment your safety training with the latest learning technologies and to help you implement blended safety training.

We Understand Your Challenges

Lesson Delivery that Does Not Engage Learners

Video-based formats might be necessary to deliver the essence of the training, but if they are the only method used, information may not be imparted in meaningful ways. Likewise, read-and-agree formats, which only engage workers by clicking a button, may not generate learning, and they can be boring and a chore for employees. Even lecture-style training sessions can offer little interaction unless the trainer uses demonstrations or offers a way for the trainees to participate. 

Overwhelming Content that Doesn’t Survive the Course

When companies outsource their safety training, their workers will lose valuable work-hours attending offsite safety training. And the courses themselves are packed with overwhelming content – from safety regulations to compliance. More importantly, there is no guarantee of knowledge and skills retention after the course.

Very High Cost to Implement Own Interesting Training

It is very cost inefficient for companies to create and deliver their own interesting E-Learning which they can track progress and learning, to maintain the acceptable level of currency and competency. But it is even costlier if they cannot maintain the high level of safety competency for high-risk operations.


WHAT                               OFFERS YOU

Learning Tech to Appeal to All

Learning Senses

Tech-rich lessons. Gamified learning.

Better classroom learning

FutureSafe Tech provides experiential learning using the Virtual Reality application. The gamified Safety Training Simulation also give safety trainees hands-on experience and simulation training.

Learning Analytics that

Work for You

Learning analytics for learners, trainers and key decision makers

Data about the safety trainees’ learning progress during their course, or the levels of competency for safety training, are easily monitored through the analytics. This will equip the HR managers, Safety Supervisors/ Officers to monitor the progress of safety training and competencies of their workers.

Gamify Your Training

Inject fun and self-motivation for training in your workforce

FutureSafe Tech helps you overcome traditional training challenges by using game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their training goals.

Contractor Orientation

Save time and be assured everytime you have to host your contractors, vendors and visitors

How does your company deliver, keep records of, and manage the orientations that contractors must complete before working at your site? Many companies struggle to do just that – to deliver, keep the records and manage the safety orientations that the daily contractors have to complete before starting work at their site. 


FutureSafe Tech offers you the opportunity to take your contractor, visitor and vendor orientation online.

UPCOMING TECH to continually provide the most innovative blended learning solutions for safety training

E-Learning Modules

Modular E-Content and Online Sharing


Mock tests and practice questions 

E-Certification for proprietary courses and courses by training partners 

Blockchain Tech to maintain training records that are transferable and verifiable

Let us demonstrate 

Learning Technologies to you

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