Check out FST's immersive and gamified safety training applications 

Check out how FST's Learning Data and Analytics help you plan, execute and monitor the effectiveness of your safety training 

(Safety) Orientation

for Contractors

Check out how FST can help you schedule, conduct, maintain records for safety training for your contractors

Customised Safety Training System 

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We help you customize any safety training program however you may want it and connected to your existing HR system 

Experiential Learning Technologies

Tech-rich lessons. Gamified learning.

Better classroom learning

FutureSafe Tech provides experiential learning using the Virtual Reality application. The gamified Safety Training Simulation also give safety trainees hands-on experience and simulation training.


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FutureSafe Tech’s immersive and interactive learning systems

  • augment classroom training with technology that fortifies learning experiences

  • are more engaging and leave stronger impressions, which yield longer retention

  • simulates high-risk training scenarios via realistic virtual simulations


WAH! Confidence Builder

“WAH Confidence Builder”, a virtual reality app that simulates working-at-height experiences.


Gamified "Confined Space"

Safety Training Simulator

“WAH Confidence Builder”, a virtual reality app that simulates working-at-height experiences.


Check out what a Safety Training Supervisor has to say about the Confine Space Safety Training Simulator.

Learning Data & Analytics

Our Learning Data and Analytics help our learners and their trainers to gauge their training performance and competency levels. Safety Managers can also use the Data & Analytics to study their Safety ROI and allocate safety training resources accordingly.




1. Trainee progress

  • Enrolment

  • Who is complete, or not-complete with their required training?

  • Measured at all levels

  • Measuring date-based progress


​Helpful for noticing when certain trainees are lagging behind, enabling trainers to provide the proper coaching or guidance before it is too late.

2. Training (module/course) activity and engagement

  • Number of logins or sessions

  • Number of module/ course visits

  • Number of resource views

  • Learning activities participated

  • Assignment completion rates

It allows trainers to see which elements of the safety modules that are being used or neglected. It also enables a comparison between activity and results, to see how productive the various assignments are for learning outcomes.

3. Training effectiveness

  • Pre/post-assessment: quiz statistics, questions, grades

  • Feedback analysis: surveys, questionnaires, comments

  • Trends across courses, sections, groups of trainees

  • Trends of success or opportunities for intervention across training initiatives

Pre-course and post-course assessment is important in determining trainee improvement. For this reason, trainees should be tested on their knowledge at regular intervals. trainers will also be interested in course feedback from trainees, obtained through surveys and formal or informal comments.

4. Compliance data

  • Attendance data

  • Completion rate

  • Time spent

  • Certificates issued or expired

  • Audit trail reporting

Maintain detailed, accurate course records, and report them as required by the organization. On top of basic attendance and completion data, it also keeps track of hours spent on training, and the dates when certificates are issued or become expired.


(Safety) Orientation for Contractors 

How does your company deliver, keep records of, and manage the orientations that contractors must complete before working at your site?

Discover the best ways to deliver, record and manage your contractor and visitor safety orientations with FUTURESAFE TECH's 


Contractor Orientation & Safety Training

Thinking of getting an online safety training solution at work but not sure how to evaluate different solutions and find the one that's best for your company?.


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